Private Label Solutions

Professional Corporate Marketing and Branding

Tesch Chemical Company recognizes the value of professional corporate marketing and branding. We also know the cost associated with developing new products.

If your company is looking for a safe, environmentally friendly, industry leading; cleaner, sanitizer, or deodorizer, contact us using the below form. Tesch Chemical Company will work with you or your design team to develop a product specifically for you and your needs.

Private Label Current Tesch Chemical Company Products.

  • The Tesch Chemical Company Product Guide provides detailed information on each product that can relabelled with your specific company brand.
  • Tesch Chemical Company will design the label for you or put your in house marketing team to work.

New Products Manufactured by Tesch Chemical Company.

  • An end to end solution with product specifications that match your brand to complement your existing product line.
  • Solution includes blending, filling, labelling and packaging.


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